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Vintage Brass Temple Bell or Prayer Bell

Vintage Brass Temple Bell or Prayer Bell

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Very nice vintage Asian temple bell.  It is a hanging bell on a stand - we think it may be bronze as it is quite heavy but can't be positive.  There is a small metal mallet with which you strike the bell to make the tone.  The bell is ornate with all over raised detail and the mallet hangs from the stand which looks a bit like a pagoda.  

The base of the stand has four lions feet which holds it up off the surface.  It’s a very charming piece with a lovely sound when struck with the mallet

Bells bring positive energy into the home- could also be used for a yoga studio.  It’s a clean and ready to use piece with no cracks or damage.


8 ½ inches tall
6 ½ inches wide
3 ½ inches front to back

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