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Balance Scale - Made in Italy

Balance Scale - Made in Italy

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Charming metal balance scale with two hanging trays suspended from a decorative center piece. There is a sticker that reads Made in Italy on the underneath portion.  The trays are removable and sit on two grooves in the center portion.  It will be shipped with the tray portion removed.   It has a metronome-type look on the top. This is tabletop decor and not an accurate measuring device.  

The trays hang by S-hooks with 3 chains each and swing easily in all directions.  The piece is in very nice condition and is made of a light weight metal.

This unique scale would look especially charming in a farmhouse kitchen or as an ornamental item on a tabletop or mantle in a restaurant, guest house, shop – as a prop for movies or TV.  It's a nice, versatile piece.


11 1/4 inches tall
Approximately 9 inches wide
The square base is 3 1/4 by 3 1/4 inches

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